A Winter Membership runs from October 29th through March 31st.


Individual age 10 & up






Month / Individual age 10 & up


Month / Family


A Month to Month Membership Runs from the date you purchase it to the same date thefollowing month, with March 31st being the final date of use.

A day pass is good just for that day.

day pass


Per person


Check the website calendar for a list of days and times that Open Gym will be available. TheDriveway’s programming schedule will change in April, which is why the Open Gym Membershiponly goes through March.


  1. If a child is under 10 years old, they must be under a family membership with a responsible adult in the facility with them. If a group of kids (under a family membership or day pass) is under 10,just one adult must be here with them. Age 10 and up can be in the facility without an adult.

  2. Memberships only cover immediate family, not cousin’s or those living outside the house. There are no “guest passes” with a family membership. Guests will need to pay the $5 day pass.

  3. When you purchase a membership, you will fill out a form we will keep on file. A parent must fill out this form and sign the waiver. When you come for Open Gym, you check in at the front desk.

  4. Open Gym is for basketball only. You will not be allowed to bring in soccer balls, footballs, or anything else.

  5. The Driveway is a “Basketball Training Center,” so Open Gym should be used to get better at the game. Do not expect to come in and playfull court 5 on 5 games. If the gym is wide open, you can do that, but if there are others in the gym, you will be asked to play half court soothers can work on their game too.

  6. Gym shoes must always be brought in and worn on the court. Do NOT wear your gym shoes from outside right onto the court.

  7. Hang your bag on a hook and place your wet shoes under the benches.

  8. It is possible there will be a private/small group training session going on at one of the baskets during Open Gym. If this is the case, you can use a nearby hoop, but please be courteous to those in the session.

  9. Concessions will always be available during Open Gym.

  10. If you have a Month to Month membership and you show up after it expired, you will need to purchase a day pass or new Month to Month that day. You will not be able to say “Can I just get it next time?”

  11. Open Gym times may be added or deleted from the calendar at times, so always check the website calendar before coming. Weekend Open Gym times will vary based on the programming schedule.

  12. You should bring your own ball to Open Gym. We have basketballs you can use, but we cannot guarantee one will be available.

  13. The Dr. Dish Shooting Machine will be available for rent during Open Gym for a fee of $20/hour. The Lazer ball handling machine can also be rented for $10/half hour. Use of the machines is NOT covered with your Open Gym Membership.

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