7th-12th Grade Vertimax



Per session


Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday nights from 6:30-7:00 and 7:30-8:00 until May 21st

Our Vertimax training sessions will be a 30-minute session working on our vertical explosiveness, first-step quickness, and our linear/lateral speed. We will use the Vertimax V8 to do on-platform and off-platform movements that will increase these areas of our athleticism by using a bungee cord type resistance to increase our strength and speed in these areas. A combination of jumps, sprints, defensive slides, and more basketball-specific movements will be used to enhance each of our athlete's athletic ability on the basketball court. You can register for whatever dates and times work in your schedule.  We will have two time slots Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.  There is a max of four kids in each class.  You do not need to register a group of four. You are registering your kid for one of the four spots.  

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