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  • If you haven't used our shooting cages before and you are interested, set up your FREE trial today!

  • Email Ashley at or call us at 920-425-4941 to set up a time to try out the cages!

  • We will walk you through how they work and what to expect when shooting.


  1. Create an account in our online registration system

  2. This account will allow you book shooting cages, schedule 1 on 1's, and sign up for Camps and Classes

  3. When you set up this account you will fill out the information first as yourself, the parent, then you will add your kids to your account later in the steps the system walks you through

  4. Once you are logged in the following options will appear on your home page

    1. "Rent a Location" = Schedule Shooting Cage​

    2. "Schedule an Appointment" = Schedule 1 on 1 training

    3. "Sign up for Camp/Class" = Sign up for Camps/Classes

  5. Click the button below to create your account.

**If you need help setting up your account or booking sessions you can click HERE to go to a page on our website with step by step instructions.  Or you can email Ashley at**

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