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Ever since I first came up with that phrase a couple years ago...I had this in mind. Taking that 'Old School' work ethic we learned from our parents, and they from their parents, and that we want to instill in our kids...and combining it with the latest 'New School Methods' that engage kids and challenge them...and blending a culture with a facility. A culture and a facility that has no room for excuses.


"I can never get in the gym."

"The gym is always packed and I can never get any good work in."

"We don't have time to work on shooting or ball handling in practice."

So and So's dad has the key to the gym so he/she is the only one who has a chance to get better."


Well...The Driveway is about to take those excuses away and open up the door for your HARD WORK and GRIT to allow you to achieve your dreams.

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'The Alley,' which includes 10 shooting cages (think batting cages for basketball), are all equipped with a The Gun 10K By Shoot-A-Way  that tracks every shot you ever take in The Alley. The Gun 10K will allow you to view short shooting instructional videos created by Ryan Borowicz that you can learn from and follow along with. You also are able to follow along with a Driveway trainer through hundreds of virtual ball handling and shooting workouts, and even compare your stats to other area players via The Driveway Leaderboard Monitors.



For example:

Leaderboard (1).jpg

"The Basement" - When I was a kid 'the basement' was where I worked on my ball handling, footwork, and just had fun playing games with my friends.


"Old School Work Ethic... New School Methods."

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'The Basement' includes:


Vertimax Training System for working on your jumping ability, first step explosiveness, and lateral quickness. Vertimax Training Systems are used by the top basketball players in the world and players will see immediate results in their leaping ability, quickness, balance, and reaction time.


Lazer 900 Ball Handling Machine to challenge your handles and reaction times. Lazer's are popping up in NBA and College training facilities all over the country and force the player to keep their head up, respond to visual stimuli, and react to a constantly changing game in front of them.


A full size Connect 4 Shooting Game to challenge your friends on the basketball version of the classic strategy game. Shoot under the pressure of getting that 4 in a row to send your friend home with an 'L.' 

Targeted Instruction and Analysis


The latest in basketball analytics technology, Homecourt AI, will be used to help shooters become more consistent and efficient. Measuring angles for consistency, as well analyzing side by side video, can greatly increase a shooter's ability to correct and adjust during their shooting workouts, allowing for quicker and greater improvement. Tracking those measurements with video and analytics over the course of months, will allow Driveway Coaches to keep shooters from reaching a "plateau" in their shot and allow them to continue to improve.

"Practice isn't the thing you do once you're good. It's the thing you do that makes you good."

"The Alley" - My dad grew up shooting baskets in the "alley" behind his house on a hoop attached to a telephone pole.


"Old School Work Ethic... New School Methods."