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Creating a profile

  • To create your profile start by clicking the button above that says "Create Profile Here"

  • You should only do this if you did NOT receive the email from us about your account already being created

  • Once you have clicked the button it will bring you to a page, that looks like the picture below, where you fill out all of your information and create a username and password

  • After you finish that page you will have a profile created

  • Be sure to fill out the form with parent information 

Profile 2.png
  • Once you have all of your information put into this form you will hit the "Register" button at the bottom of the screen.

  • Be sure this information is all parent information.

  • Clicking the "Register" button will complete the parent part of the profile and will allow you to add the rest of your information

  • The picture below is the screen that will appear next 

Profile 3.png
  • On this page it will give you the option to login right away to your account.  Please do this right away to verify your account information, add your kids and make sure the username and password are correct.

  • The picture below will show what will appear after you click this button.

Profile 4.png
  • On this page you will use the username and password you just created to login to your account.

  • The picture below will show you what the next screen will look like.

Profile 5.png
  • This screen will show all of your profile information for you to verify all of your information.  This will be what we use to contact you.

  • You can add in Email and Text Reminders for your sessions/camps/events if you would like as well

  • After verifying everything you can click the "Continue" at the bottom of the screen

  • The picture below will show you what the next screen will look like

Profile 6.png
  • This page gives some things we offer for you to check if you would be interested in them.  

  • This gives us an idea of who would be interested if we were to open new types of training opportunities 

  • The picture below shows what the next screen will show.

Profile 7.png
  • This next page lets you put in your kids information

  • You just need their first name, last name, birthdate, and gender

  • After putting in the first kids information you hit Add Family Member

  • You can repeat that with all of your kids information

  • The picture below shows what the next screen will show

Profile 8.png
  • This next page is what your main page of your profile will look like.  Every time you login this is the screen it will land on first

  • "Rent a Location" is for Shooting Cages

  • "Schedule an Appointment" is for 1 on 1 Lessons

  • "Sign Up for Camp/Class" is for Small Group, Large Group, Classes, and Summer Camps

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