how to register

Start here if you are a parent who does not already have a profile

Before you try to book a session or register for a camp you will want to create a profile first to make things easier.  The PDF below will show you how create it step by step, when starting create the first profile as the parent and add your kids in later.  To add them in, when you click on your profile information there will be a tab for Relationships where you can follow the steps to add each of your kids.  We also recommend getting your credit card in as soon as possible, which is a tab under profile information as well, to make Summer Camp registration run smoothly for you.  If you have an questions or one of the steps doesn't work email us at and we will help you out!

how to register for Shooting cages, 1 on 1's, hoop and handle, vertimax, and dynamic shooter

The video above will show you how to go about finding the specific sessions you would like to book.  Once you have found the session and time you are looking for, if you do not have an account to login and it asks you to login or register you will fill out all the basic information as the parent to start.  Once you have created that profile you can go to your profile information and add your kids, that way when you go to book a session you will be booking for them not yourself.  If you have any questions or one of the steps doesn't work email us at and we will help you out!

how to register for a summer camps, driveway dreamers, or driveway shooters

The video above shows you how to register for a Summer Camp or any other camp we run that is multiple days.  You do not have to have already created a profile and added your kids to your profile to register for a camp.  However we do recommend if you are registering multiple kids for a Summer Camp that you do create a profile for yourself, as the parent, and add your kids to your profile and input your credit card information before the day you can start registering for Summer Camps on February 6th at 12:00pm.  By doing that ahead of time you will save time when adding your kids to the camp to better insure they make it into the camp of their choice.

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