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  • Below are the dates and times for each age group.  

  • For 8th grade boys there is an additional option for a different night to play

  • You will register for the night you would like to play on 

  • For example: if your son is in 8th grade and you register to play for Monday nights.  You will ONLY play on the specified Monday nights.  You will NOT play on any Tuesday nights

  • The reason there is an extra night of games is that division, 8th boys, is one of our most popular groups

  • If you have any questions you can email Ashley at

**These are the grades they are GOING into in the Fall of 2022**


9/12, 9/19, 9/26, 10/3, 10/10, 10/17

5:30-6:30 = 6TH GRADE GIRLS

6:30-7:30 = 6TH GRADE BOYS

7:30-8:30 = 8TH GRADE GIRLS

8:30-9:30 = 8TH GRADE BOYS


9/13, 9/20, 9/27, 10/4, 10/11, 10/18

6:30-7:30 = JV BOYS

7:30-8:30 = 8TH GRADE BOYS C1

                    VARSITY GIRLS C2

8:30-9:30 = VARSITY BOYS


9/15, 9/22, 9/29, 10/6, 10/13, 10/20

5:30-6:30 = 5TH GRADE GIRLS

6:30-7:30 = 5TH GRADE BOYS

7:30-8:30 = 7TH GRADE GIRLS

8:30-9:30 = 7TH GRADE BOYS

6th grade girls

6th grade girls fall 2022.jpg

1ST PLACE: Shooting Stars     Wins: 12    Points: 431

2ND PLACE: 4 Aces                    Wins: 6     Points: 290

3RD PLACE: Mercury                 Wins: 3     Points: 183

4TH PLACE: Bucket Makers     Wins: 2    Points: 112

5TH PLACE: Casco Comets      Wins: 2    Points: 104

6TH PLACE: Freedom Gold      Wins: 0    Points: 93

7TH PLACE: Freedom Green    Wins: 0    Points: 70

8TH PLACE: Buckettes               Wins: 0    Points: 53

9TH PLACE: WDP JAM                Wins: 0    Points: 44

6th grade BOYS

6th grade boys fall 2022.jpg

1ST PLACE: Pick & Pizza Roll   Wins: 8    Points: 392

2ND PLACE: The Redbird 5      Wins: 5     Points: 337

3RD PLACE: Future Hornets     Wins: 8    Points: 362

4TH PLACE: Bay Port                  Wins: 3    Points: 237

5TH PLACE: Dream Team         Wins: 0    Points: 158

6TH PLACE: Dino Nuggies       Wins: 0    Points: 129

7TH PLACE: WDP                       Wins: 0    Points: 102

8TH PLACE: West DePere        Wins: 0    Points: 86

9TH PLACE: The 4 Ballers         Wins: 0    Points: 25

10TH PLACE: Red Phantoms    Wins: 0    Points: 22

8th grade GIRLS

8th grade girls fall 2022.jpg

1ST PLACE: Kimberly                 Wins: 13    Points: 725

2ND PLACE: Boomshakalaka   Wins: 6     Points: 339

3RD PLACE: All Stars                  Wins: 1    Points: 247

4TH PLACE: Hot Shots               Wins: 2    Points: 230

5TH PLACE: J.A.M.M.                  Wins: 1    Points: 216

6TH PLACE: Hoops We Did it AgainWins: 2    Points: 215

7TH PLACE: Jag Pride                Wins: 0    Points: 53

8th grade BOYS

8th grade boys mon fall 2022.jpg

1ST PLACE: The Buckets         Wins: 6    Points: 303

2ND PLACE: Swish                    Wins: 5     Points: 330

3RD PLACE: Driveway Phantoms Wins: 8    Points: 362

4TH PLACE: Grind                      Wins: 3    Points: 273

5TH PLACE: Pulaski Hickz       Wins: 2    Points: 171

6TH PLACE: Pulaski Polka Dancers  Wins: 2    Points: 164

7TH PLACE: Tritons                   Wins: 1    Points: 142

8TH PLACE: Bay Port Ballers  Wins: 0    Points: 127

9TH PLACE: Bonduel                Wins: 1    Points: 106

10TH PLACE: Jaguars               Wins: 0    Points: 52


JV boys 2022.jpg

1ST PLACE: GRIND                  Wins: 11    Points: 350

2ND PLACE: Circle Tap           Wins: 2     Points: 261

3RD PLACE: Hoop Squad      Wins: 0    Points: 253

4TH PLACE: Ashwaubenon   Wins: 0    Points: 106

5TH PLACE: West DePere      Wins: 0    Points: 92


8th grade boys tue 2022.jpg

1ST PLACE: GRIND                  Wins: 12    Points: 544

2ND PLACE: Pulaski Polka Dancers Wins: 0     Points: 151

3RD PLACE: Pulaski Hickz     Wins: 0    Points: 150

4TH PLACE: Kimberly Makers Wins: 1    Points: 206

5TH PLACE: Southwest          Wins: 0    Points: 101


Varsity girls 2022.jpg

1ST PLACE: Tritons                  Wins: 7    Points: 330

2ND PLACE: The Buckets      Wins: 3     Points: 222

3RD PLACE: Purple Reign    Wins: 3    Points: 217

4TH PLACE: The Purple Aces Wins: 0    Points: 195

5TH PLACE: Riptide                 Wins: 0    Points: 78


Varsity boys 2022.jpg

1ST PLACE: Redbird Fury        Wins: 13    Points: 648

2ND PLACE: 1848                      Wins: 6     Points: 377

3RD PLACE: Pulaski                 Wins: 1    Points: 356

4TH PLACE: Neenah Rockets Wins: 2    Points: 256

5TH PLACE: Driveway Phantoms   Wins: 1    Points: 244

6TH PLACE: Razzle Dazzle     Wins: 1    Points: 242

7TH PLACE: Tigers                    Wins: 1    Points: 161

8TH PLACE: Mishicot                Wins: 0    Points: 117

9TH PLACE: Bonduel                Wins: 0    Points: 104

10TH PLACE: The Bricklayers  Wins: 0    Points: 92

5th grade girls

5th grade girls fall 2022.jpg

1ST PLACE: DePere                  Wins: 10    Points: 184

2ND PLACE: Redbirds              Wins: 7     Points: 136

3RD PLACE: Ashwaubenon    Wins: 2    Points: 120

4TH PLACE: Shamrock Shooters Wins: 1    Points: 110

5TH PLACE: Hot Shots             Wins: 1    Points: 99

6TH PLACE: Fire Flames         Wins: 2    Points: 90

7TH PLACE: Dunkin' Diva's      Wins: 2    Points: 84

8TH PLACE: Young Guns         Wins: 0    Points: 45

9TH PLACE: Lady Tigers          Wins: 0    Points: 41

10TH PLACE: Shiocton Hoops  Wins: 0    Points: 36

5th grade boys

5th grade boys fall 2022.jpg

1ST PLACE: Runnin' Redbirds   Wins: 11    Points: 386

2ND PLACE: Swish Kabobs       Wins: 4     Points: 270

3RD PLACE: Birds on Three      Wins: 6    Points: 219

4TH PLACE: Makers                    Wins: 2    Points: 172

5TH PLACE: Four Fourths          Wins: 0    Points: 130

6TH PLACE: The Zippin Pippens  Wins: 0    Points: 126

7TH PLACE: The Irish                  Wins: 1    Points: 124

8TH PLACE: Mambas                 Wins: 1    Points: 116

9TH PLACE: Denmark                Wins: 0    Points: 78

10TH PLACE: Jaguars                Wins: 0    Points: 12

7th grade girls

7th grade girls fall 2022.jpg

1ST PLACE: Hoopsters             Wins: 9    Points: 350

2ND PLACE: All Stars                Wins: 7     Points: 283

3RD PLACE: Gold Rush           Wins: 4    Points: 220

4TH PLACE: Preble Pythons   Wins: 2    Points: 155

5TH PLACE: Phantoms             Wins: 1    Points: 124

6TH PLACE: Hot Shots             Wins: 0    Points: 98

7TH PLACE: Redbirds               Wins: 1    Points: 85

8TH PLACE: Dream Team        Wins: 1    Points: 82

9TH PLACE: Bonduel                Wins: 0    Points: 52

10TH PLACE: The Swishers     Wins: 0    Points: 38

7th grade boys

7th grade boys fall 2022.jpg

1ST PLACE: The Bricklayers    Wins: 8    Points: 394

2ND PLACE: The Valley            Wins: 4     Points: 325

3RD PLACE: Pulaski Ballers    Wins: 5    Points: 392

4TH PLACE: Pirates                  Wins: 3    Points: 301

5TH PLACE: Looking For One  Wins: 1    Points: 257

6TH PLACE: Tundra                   Wins: 3    Points: 249

7TH PLACE: Phantoms in 6     Wins: 1    Points: 175

8TH PLACE: Mishicot                Wins: 0    Points: 78

9TH PLACE: NEWCHAA           Wins: 0    Points: 8

Rules for 3v3v3 Short Court League
  • Purpose: the purpose of this league is to develop your skills and decision making during the off season

  • Code of Conduct: You will be held to a high standard of conduct when in The Driveway.  There will be no swearing, dirty play, talking negatively to or about officials or other players, or general laziness.  You're here to work hard and improve.

  • Rules of the 3 v 3 v 3:

    • NO COACHING is allowed 

    • Certified officials will be officiating each court.  Any parents, spectators, or players that are rude towards the officials will be asked to leave.

    • Team running score will be kept by a score keeper, but there will be no individual points or fouls, nor team fouls kept.

    • Standings will be kept on and will be based on total running score, accumulated over each week.  We will also keep a running total of the number of games won by each team.

    • The last week we will play the normal two games and then a 3rd championship game with the top 3 teams.  

    • This is full court 3 on 3, but the courts are only 64' instead of the normal 84'.  In general, if you score, you keep the ball.  You can score up to 6 times in a row and then on the 6th time you score you are awarded 3 extra points and the defense takes over possession.  To get the ball, you need to get a defensive rebound or steal.  Once a defensive rebound or steal is secured, the team that was on offense is dead and cannot try to get the ball back.  They are now out and waiting for their next turn defensively.  This will be very fast paced and you will need to be alert mentally the entire time.

  • Scoring Rules:

    • Scoring will be by 2's and 3's, just like normal scoring.  If you score, you grab the ball right out of the net and turn and go the other way.  You DO NOT need to take it out of bounds or check it up with anyone.​

    • Any non-shooting defensive foul will result in the offensive team immediately getting 1 point, and they will retain possession and go the other way on offense.  A shooting foul will be an automatic 2 points, and they will retain possession and go the other way on offense.  A shooting foul on a 3 pointer will be an automatic 3 points and they will retain possession and go the other way on offense. An offensive foul will result in the defense getting 1 point and possession of the ball immediately going the other way.  If a player is fouled on a shot and the basket goes in, the bucket counts, they get 1 point for the foul, and they retain the ball and go the other way.

    • If a player gets a technical foul for dirty play or arguing/talking to an official disrespectfully, they are out for the remainder of the games that day and they are out of the games the next week.

    • There are no FT's shot at all.  There is no advantage to fouling, so playing clean defense with your feet will be emphasized and rewarded.

    • The team that is waiting on defense on the other end, can only go up to 1/2 court to defend.  They cannot pick up full court.

    • Teams cannot sub during a possession.  You sub when your team is out or waiting on defense.

Cancellation Policy:

  • If you cancel your teams registration before August 29th you can receive a full refund 

  • If you cancel after August 29th you can receive a 50% refund and 50% money on your account for future use.

  • To cancel your teams registration you must email Ashley at

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