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driveway 3's fall league


Per team

(Up to 5 players - 4 is ideal)


This league will run on Monday, Tuesday, or Thursday nights, depending on the grade. The format will be two, 20 minute games of Short Court 3 v 3 v 3. In this format, up to five teams will compete on one court, rotating in every possession in a "make it take it" format.  If you get a stop on defense, you go to the other end on offense.  If you fail to score, you sit one possession and then come back in on defense.  If you score, you grab the ball out of the net and turn around and go the other way on offense again.


Registration this year will be done as a team.  A team can have up to 5 players, with 4 being the perfect amount to play with.  So you can have 5, but the rotations work best with 4.

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