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Email Ashley at to see what is available and to secure your time.  Please do this only through email, not over the phone, so we have a paper trail.  Give the longest list of specific dates and times you would like so there are plenty of options. Times and dates can be found below.

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The rental charge is $50/per hour for the full court and we are only renting the gym in hour and half time blocks.  More than one time block can be reserved if you would like more than an hour and half. Full payment must be done at the time of the reservation, over the phone with a credit card.  No exceptions. 

Cancellation Policy

We need at least 48 hours of notice through email if you plan to cancel your rental.  If you cancel inside of 48 hours, you will be charged a $25 fee. 

Certificate of Insurance

If you are part of an organization, we need a certificate of insurance on file before the rental.  If you are not part of an organization, each player must have a parent fill out our waiver, which can be downloaded below.

Mask/Capacity Policy

We are currently asking kids to wear a mask only while in a contact situation.  So for scrimmaging, we are asking them to wear one.  If it's a shooting drill or something non contact that has good spacing, they do not need to have a mask on.  If they have a medical condition in which they can't wear a mask, that's fine.  We are taking this week by week based on the Covid situation in Brown County.  Regarding the capacity restrictions put on us by the governor, please let us know how many kids you plan on having on the court and adults in the building.  It shouldn't be a problem but we will need to know that number. 

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